Meet the Heaties!  From sensible Boffina, to mischievous Mipper, delicate Sylva to the brave Chuffin and the lovely Tessle; and of course Jimpy himself!  Heaties are tiny and live in our houses in warm places.  Not Jimpy though, he’s a ‘White Heatie’, one in a million.  He has to live in a cold place.  Jimpy lives in the fridge!!  Follow their adventures as Jimpy and his friends, with the help of Blibblington Blubbly and Squeezle Bottieburrp, battle against the evil ‘Blacktooth and her cronies.  Can they defeat her?  Find out in this fun and gripping adventure!



For ages 8 to 153 (but not 137)

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Jimpy and his Heatie friends are back!

The evil Blacktooth has gone, Chuffin and Boffina are getting married, and all is well in the Heatie household... but can it last?


Disaster, chaos and cat-astrophe are about to shatter the peace, and the Heaties have a new enemy in the shape of Skag.


Can good defeat evil?  Can the Heaties survive?  Is this the end for Jimpy and his friends?

The Moonlings have landed!  Well, a couple of them have.  Or have they?

Terry’s seen them.  Terry’s spoken to them!  Terry’s… well, Terry’s quite possibly losing his marbles; losing the plot; losing his mind; losing his sense of reality.

 Or is he?  And if he is, will he find them again?


Don’t ask Mememememe!   Just read this whacky, crazy and hilarious story based on a true story that I made up!!


 Not suitable for anybody without a sense of humour!

 For ages: 9 to 163 (Males and Females only).

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From rabbits to Rooney, from farts to football, from turkeys and tortoises to small boys at school; this poetry collection it has got it all!!

Jonkers 1st Poetry Collection!!